Act 1. Dissemination & Exploitation Plan
Act 2. Designing and maintaining the project web site
Act 3. Organizing info days, workshops and annual national conference
Act 4. Publishing online Newsletter and other promotional materials
Act 5. Establishment of National Center for Public Health Education
Act 6. Raising awareness campaign of public health in ME
Dissemination & Exploitation Plan
  • Version I (draft)
  • Report- Dissemination activities- I year (draft)
Dissemination activities:
Workshops, info days
Stakeholders and authorities at national level in Montenegro
  • June 2017:
  • July 2017:
    • Presentation at Chamber of Economy of Montenegro – Report  (PH-ELIM institution: Ministry of Health)
    • Presentation to Management Board of the Housing Cooperative of Health Workers of Montenegro “Zdravstvo  – Report  (PH-ELIM institution: Ministry of Health)
  • August 2017:
  • November 2017
  • December 2017
    • Workshop at Ministry of Education: New Accreditation Procedures, newly established Agency for quality of higher education in Montenegro  – Report (PH-ELIM institution: Ministry of Education Montenegro)

Social networks, websites
Annual national conference
  • 1st Annual Conference – 20th October 2017 (link) (program)
Conference presentations, posters and papers
Links with other international projects