Act 1. Dissemination & Exploitation Plan
Act 2. Designing and maintaining the project web site
Act 3. Organizing info days, workshops and annual national conference
Act 4. Publishing online Newsletter and other promotional materials
Act 5. Establishment of National Center for Public Health Education
Act 6. Raising awareness campaign of public health in ME
Dissemination & Exploitation Plan
  • Diss & Exp PLAN- Version I (pdf)
  • Report- Diss & Exp activities- I year (pdf)
  • Diss & Exp PLAN- Version II (pdf)
  • Report- Diss & Exp activities- II year (pdf)
  • Diss & Exp PLAN- Version III (pdf)
  • COVID-19 plan for project promotion (pdf)
  • Sustainability actions:
    • Ministry of Health – Report
    • Long-term DISS&EXP plan (pdf)
Dissemination materials:
Dissemination activities:
  • Reports on RAISING AWARENESS ACTIVITIES (implemented by Ministry of Health and Institute of Public Health)
    • Report I (pdf)
    • Report II (pdf)
    • Report III (pdf)

Workshops, info days

Stakeholders and authorities at national level in Montenegro

Social networks, websites

Annual national conference

  • 1st Annual Conference – 20th October 2017 (link) (program)
  • 2nd Annual Conference – 4-5th October 2018 (link)
  • 3rd Annual Conference – SEPTEMBER 2019

Online newsletter (link)

Conference presentations, posters and papers

16th International Conference on Informatics, Management and Technology in Healthcare (ICIMTH 2018)

  • Two poster presentations at ICIMTH 2018:
    • “Advanced evidence-based public health education at universities in Montenegro” –  Report (PH-ELIM institutions: all)
    • “A Qualitative Study of Primary Healthcare Physicians’ Perspectives on Physician Performance Measures in Hungary” –  Report (PH-ELIM institutions: University of Debrecen)
  • Scientific paper “The Stratified Framework for Enhancement of Study Programs in Public Health in Montenegro“- indexed in PubMed- link
  • September 2018:
  • October 2018:

 Festival of Information Achievements – INFOFEST 2018

  • Paper “Education in Medical Informatics: Future Perspectives and Applications”-  Report (PH-ELIM institutions: all)

17th International Conference on Informatics, Management and Technology in Healthcare “Health Informatics Vision: From Data via Information to Knowledge” (ICIMTH 2019)

  • Poster presentations at ICIMTH 2019:
    • “Human Capacity Building in Public Health Education in Montenegro” –  Report (PH-ELIM institutions: all)
  • Scientific paper “The National Star Model of Medical Informatics Education in Montenegro“- indexed in PubMed- link
  • Workshop “Citizens and Health Data- a call for Digital health literacy too” –  Report (PH-ELIM institutions: University of Donja Gorica)
  • August 2019:

17th World Congress of Medical and Health Informatics (MedInfo 2019)


Links with other international projects