30th September-1st October 2019

University Mediterranean, Montenegro

  • Agenda 
  • WP4 Evaluation Workshop- Agenda
  • Minutes QCB
  • To-DO-List
  • Lists of participants
  • Materials
    • Day I
      • Status of the project: Where are we now?, Prof. dr Ivana Ognjanović, UDG
      • WP4- Piloting and Evaluation, Enrolment of new generation of students, Prof. dr Ivana Ognjanović, UDG
      • Strengthening cooperation with EU partner HEIs through involvement in teaching processProf. dr Ivana Ognjanović, UDG
      • High standards and quality assurance of educational process and teaching, Final evaluation questionnaires, Prof.dr Elske Ammenwerth, UMIT (ppt)
    • Day II
      • WP2-T2.1- Teaching Competencies Development of academic staff from Montenegro
        • Creation of post-training questionnaire, Max Seitz, UHEI
      • TEXTBOOK PREPARATION- Only for members of editorial board and authors, Head: Prof.dr John Mantas, UoA
  • Photos- Day I, Day II