PH-ELIM Distance Learning Platform

About PH-ELIM project:

PH-ELIM project is aimed to enhance educational system in ME in accordance with well known EU best practices, thus providing education of public health professionals making them highly skilled to support nation in creating sustainable and flexible health system, providing good quality health, protecting of citizens against health threats, all by cost-effective and straightforward approach. Additionally, the continual sustainable educational approach will be developed at all levels, from undergraduate to PhD at all ME HEIs, all adopted to ME specificities, including evidence-based approach through innovative National Platform for Education and Research in Public Health, with full support of national ministries and HEI society in ME. Also, carefully selected raising awareness campaigns about health prevention and public health promotion will be implemented among ME citizens (including children, youth, workforce, elder population, vulnerable groups, etc.).


  1. Enhancement and modernization of curricula and programs in public health fields (public health law, health management & economics, health informatics and medicine) at different levels in educational system in ME (from undergraduate to PhD level)
  2. Enhancement of the level of competencies and skills of staff members from ME HEIs by sharing evidence-based public health teaching models of innovation and good practice; respecting the diversity of national and European population health challenges and threats
  3. Creation of new learning and teaching approaches in public health in ME through developing National Platform for Education and Research in Public Health, ICT enhanced evidence-based learning and teaching materials, etc.
  4. Strengthening internationalisation of ME HEIs, including increased visibility of staff members and participating institutions’ profiles in international teaching community in the multidisciplinary area of public health
  5. Raising awareness about health prevention and public health promotion at national level in ME.

PH-ELIM Distance Learning platform

The platform is aimed to support distance/blended learning at all three universities in Montenegro by:

  • integrating developed services for public health evidence-based teaching and learning;
  • supporting distance learning;
  • integrating modern approaches/tools (e.g. Blackboard, Interactive Whiteboard, twitter, blogs, wiki, podcasts, voting, etc.).