$172 PANJAZE Large Easy Flyer Soft Kite, Colorful White Trilobite-It' Toys Games Sports Outdoor Play Easy,Soft,Trilobite-It',Colorful,Flyer,Large,ph-elim.net,/2020/05/03/san-francisco-vlogs/,Kite,,$172,White,PANJAZE,Toys Games , Sports Outdoor Play PANJAZE Indefinitely Large Easy Flyer Soft White Colorful Trilobite-It' Kite $172 PANJAZE Large Easy Flyer Soft Kite, Colorful White Trilobite-It' Toys Games Sports Outdoor Play Easy,Soft,Trilobite-It',Colorful,Flyer,Large,ph-elim.net,/2020/05/03/san-francisco-vlogs/,Kite,,$172,White,PANJAZE,Toys Games , Sports Outdoor Play PANJAZE Indefinitely Large Easy Flyer Soft White Colorful Trilobite-It' Kite

It is very popular PANJAZE Indefinitely Large Easy Flyer Soft White Colorful Trilobite-It' Kite

PANJAZE Large Easy Flyer Soft Kite, Colorful White Trilobite-It'


PANJAZE Large Easy Flyer Soft Kite, Colorful White Trilobite-It'

Product description

Color:7 Square Meters

We designed a new shape kite!This is entirely soft cloth material made kite, it takes only one minute to get a new kite, you take it out of the bag without assembly you can easily start playing.In the park, on the beach, just get it pointed into the wind and you're off and flying.
Give your children the best large easy to fly the kite - Amazing with Long Tails!

Name: Soft Trilobite Kite
Material: Nylon umbrella cloth
Color: Classic/Blue/Red/White/Blue/Green
Black-red/blue-yellow/purple/pink purple, etc.
Size: 2 square meters / 7 square meters / 10 square meters
Production process: splicing
Suitable for wind: 2-5 wind
Suitable for the crowd: youth, middle-aged kite lovers

The package includes:
1*Large Kite

PANJAZE Large Easy Flyer Soft Kite, Colorful White Trilobite-It'

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