Durable Portable Excellence Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece for wi Players 8 Sax ph-elim.net,for,Portable,wi,Durable,/Gomphrena1101679.html,Tenor,Sax,$30,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Mouthpiece,Players(8,Saxophone $30 Durable Portable Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece for Sax Players(8 wi Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories ph-elim.net,for,Portable,wi,Durable,/Gomphrena1101679.html,Tenor,Sax,$30,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Mouthpiece,Players(8,Saxophone Durable Portable Excellence Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece for wi Players 8 Sax $30 Durable Portable Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece for Sax Players(8 wi Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories

Durable Portable Excellence Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece for wi Players Limited Special Price 8 Sax

Durable Portable Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece for Sax Players(8 wi


Durable Portable Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece for Sax Players(8 wi

Product description

Color:8 Winds

1.Made of high quality brass metal, sturdy and durable, ensure a long time use.
2.Adopt fine workmanship and delicate design, smooth surface, not scratching your saxophone.
3.Supplied with two pieces of mouthpiece pads to match your need better.
4.Comes out with a pretty good sound, great accessory for saxophone playing.
5.Easy to install and remove. Suitable for saxophone lovers.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Brass
Mouthpiece Length: Approx. 10.5cm/2.8in
Mounting Opening Diameter: Approx.1.9cm/4.1in
Color: Gold
Options: 7C#, 8C#

Package list:
1 * Saxophone Mouthpiece

Durable Portable Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece for Sax Players(8 wi

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