AJGH 2-Tier Fruit Bowls Egg Bread Storage Holder Bowl Stand fo Tampa Mall AJGH,2-Tier,Storage,Bowl,/Irgun1149763.html,Bread,Egg,,fo,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$32,Fruit,Holder,ph-elim.net,Stand,Bowls, $32 AJGH 2-Tier Fruit Bowls, Egg, Bread Storage Bowl Holder Stand fo Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining AJGH,2-Tier,Storage,Bowl,/Irgun1149763.html,Bread,Egg,,fo,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$32,Fruit,Holder,ph-elim.net,Stand,Bowls, $32 AJGH 2-Tier Fruit Bowls, Egg, Bread Storage Bowl Holder Stand fo Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining AJGH 2-Tier Fruit Bowls Egg Bread Storage Holder Bowl Stand fo Tampa Mall

AJGH 2-Tier In a popularity Fruit Bowls Egg Bread Storage Holder Bowl Stand fo Tampa Mall

AJGH 2-Tier Fruit Bowls, Egg, Bread Storage Bowl Holder Stand fo


AJGH 2-Tier Fruit Bowls, Egg, Bread Storage Bowl Holder Stand fo

Product description

2 Tier Large Fruit Bowl - Divece Fruit, Vegetable and Snacks to Storage
Your delicious produce can ripen at room temperature while being showcased in an elegant accent piece. It’s spacious enough for a large fruit assortment and great for de-cluttering your kitchen, while promoting healthy eating habits.


Large capacity basket, it can hold a lot of fruits and other foods
Nice finish, well made and very attractive for the kitchen, bathroom or really anywhere

Multifunctional Use
You can store different kitchen items like fruit, bread, veggies, snacks. Also use it as an everyday storage solution in your bedroom or bathroom. Also, it's a good gift choice for friends and family

Total height: 13.38 inch
Top basket size: 7.48 x 2.56 inch
Bottom basket size: 11.02 x 3.74 inch

AJGH 2-Tier Fruit Bowls, Egg, Bread Storage Bowl Holder Stand fo

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