PDGJG 2-layer Food free Storage Dumpling Kitchen Box Food,Box,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Kitchen,Box,/Irgun912863.html,$108,PDGJG,Storage,Storage,ph-elim.net,2-layer,Box,Dumpling $108 PDGJG 2-layer Food Storage Box Dumpling Box Kitchen Storage Box Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Food,Box,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Kitchen,Box,/Irgun912863.html,$108,PDGJG,Storage,Storage,ph-elim.net,2-layer,Box,Dumpling PDGJG 2-layer Food free Storage Dumpling Kitchen Box $108 PDGJG 2-layer Food Storage Box Dumpling Box Kitchen Storage Box Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

PDGJG 2-layer Food Mail order free Storage Dumpling Kitchen Box

PDGJG 2-layer Food Storage Box Dumpling Box Kitchen Storage Box


PDGJG 2-layer Food Storage Box Dumpling Box Kitchen Storage Box

Product description

Material: PP.
The corner handles are convenient for opening and closing the lid.
The side buckles are sealed to keep fresh and not smelly.
The non-standard design is more casual: free dumplings can store more dumplings.
Anti-slip edge: easy to take and delicious is as simple as that.

Product features with buckle, can be stacked, large capacity
Scope of application: home, takeout, restaurants, etc.
Product name: storage box
Package contains: 1 fresh keeping box
1. Since manual measurement is required, please leave a space of 1-3 cm.
2. Due to screen differences, the color may be slightly different from your expected color, please allow.
(Only sell the main products, not other products)
Airtight Dry Food Container Durable Cereal Storage Box Plastic Food containers with lids

PDGJG 2-layer Food Storage Box Dumpling Box Kitchen Storage Box

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