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1 1/4" wet dry polisher core bit zero tolerance grinding drum an


1 1/4" wet dry polisher core bit zero tolerance grinding drum an

Product description

Remind: The arbor of this Diamond zero tolerance drum and core bit TWO IN ONE is 5/8"-11 Thread. NOT M14 Thread. Pad Holder's max capacity is 5000 RPM. Please do not use it with high speed grinder or polisher. This package carries (a)-(c): (a) 1 Piece of 1 1/4" (32 mm diameter) Diamond Zero tolerance grinding drum wheel and core bit TWO IN ONE (5/8"-11 Thread). Save time save money. The height of working layer is 50 MM. This tools do the stone concrete travertine hole cutting and the inner hole polishing at the same time. (b) 1 Piece of 5" Polishing Pad Velcro Holder / Backer (its arbor is 5/8"-11 Thread. IMPORTANT REMIND: Pad Holder's max capacity is 5000 RPM. Please do not use it with high speed grinder or polisher). (c) 8 Pieces of 5" Diamond wet or dry use Polishing Pad for travertine stone concrete granite concrete marble (ideal speed is between 2800-4500 RPM): 1 X Grit 50 100 200 400 800 1500 3000 10000.

1 1/4" wet dry polisher core bit zero tolerance grinding drum an

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