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Arts Language Tablecloth for Rectangle Basketball Bombing new work L Bargain sale Cotton Table

Arts Language Tablecloth for Rectangle Table Basketball Cotton L


Arts Language Tablecloth for Rectangle Table Basketball Cotton L

Product description

Size:Rectangle Size: 54x120in

Four Reasons to Buy:

High-Quality:Tablecloth made of cotton and linen fabric,thick texture,delicate and soft to the touch,looks soft and shiny,wear-resistant and dirt-resistant,wrinkle free,and dust-proof

Excellent Craftsmanship:The edge of the tablecloth is wrapped perfectly,and a variety of sizes are suitable for rectangle/square/oval/round wood/marble table

Elegant Color: Brightly colored tablecloths are the best choice for home decorations cotton and linen fabrics make the home full of leisure and comfort,pink,white,blue,grey,black,teal, buffalo plaid etc variety of colors can meet variety of different decoration styles,such as retro,boho,modern,mid century,simple style

Reactive Printing and Dyeing:Using environmentally friendly printing and dyeing technology,safe and odorless,keeping us away from chemical damage

Suggestions for The Use of Functions:

Table Cover:Kitchen dining tables,living room tea tables,desks,office computer tables,restaurants table etc

Holiday Decoration:Thanksgiving,Halloween,Christmas,family gatherings,parties,weddings,birthdays,etc

Use:Also can be used as the mats of outdoor barbecue,camping,picnic

Arts Language Tablecloth for Rectangle Table Basketball Cotton L

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