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Insulation double Classic stainless New mail order steel thermos water purple sand cup

Insulation, double stainless steel thermos purple sand cup water


Insulation, double stainless steel thermos purple sand cup water

Product description

Drinking utensil type: vacuum flask and Insulated, Double Walled Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask and Water Bottle
Insulation material: stainless steel
Shape: straight cup
Bottle type: vacuum
Features: portable, environmentally friendly, business
Glass lining material: stainless steel
Metal type: stainless steel
Hot cup outside: unstrained steel thermocouple
Straight cup quality grade: double wall
Leakproof performance: leakproof
Material: high quality stainless steel
Application: travel, school, business gifts
Drinking utensil type: vacuum flask and thermos
Product features: commercial vacuum cleaner
Hot: Portable Coffee Cup
Hot cup appearance: large capacity
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Insulation, double stainless steel thermos purple sand cup water

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