Bath,Circular,Yin,$21,and,Yang,Lo,,on,Galactic,Home Kitchen , Bath,Colorful,Abstract,Mat,,/artificial1101568.html $21 Yin and Yang Bath Mat, Circular on Abstract Colorful Galactic Lo Home Kitchen Bath $21 Yin and Yang Bath Mat, Circular on Abstract Colorful Galactic Lo Home Kitchen Bath Yin and Yang 70% OFF Outlet Bath Mat Circular Colorful Galactic Lo Abstract on Bath,Circular,Yin,$21,and,Yang,Lo,,on,Galactic,Home Kitchen , Bath,Colorful,Abstract,Mat,,/artificial1101568.html Yin and Yang 70% OFF Outlet Bath Mat Circular Colorful Galactic Lo Abstract on

Yin and Yang 70% OFF Ranking TOP6 Outlet Bath Mat Circular Colorful Galactic Lo Abstract on

Yin and Yang Bath Mat, Circular on Abstract Colorful Galactic Lo


Yin and Yang Bath Mat, Circular on Abstract Colorful Galactic Lo

Product description


The non-slip bath mat, its thick and fluffy contact surface provides extraordinary comfort.

✿Why do not choose a great rug mat as a home decoration? Some reasons for you to choose us and believe us.

1.Softy fur gives your families a great care, rug can help you keep the room clean.

2.High quality materials with no chemical and toxic smell. Environmental protection and recyclable.

3.Ideal bathroom and bedroom rug with great water absorption and anti-slip design.

✿Our Rug Sparkle

Size and patterns as pictured:

Our products capture all the physical, please rest assured that the buyer purchase.

Colors and patterns:

Adopt advanced machine printing with bright color and vivid image.

Anti-slipping Rugs:

Package comes with two anti-slipping mats, put them under the rug and it’s safe to use.


Width: 19.5 Inch, Length: 31.9 Inch, Thickness: 1.2 Inch

✿Method of Washing

Hand clean in cold water is allowed. We recommend once a month to keep it clean and clear. Cleaning it with cold water and vacuum cleaner cleaning is acceptable.Do not bleach or hot iron. Pressing heavy objects to eliminate the creases caused by package.

Yin and Yang Bath Mat, Circular on Abstract Colorful Galactic Lo

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