ABMBERTK Black Oxford Wood Double Bow Belt Case with Max 87% OFF Bass $91 ABMBERTK Black Oxford Wood Double Bass Bow Case with Belt,Black Musical Instruments Band Orchestra $91 ABMBERTK Black Oxford Wood Double Bass Bow Case with Belt,Black Musical Instruments Band Orchestra /author/andyashong/,Double,Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,Belt,Black,with,Black,Case,ph-elim.net,Wood,Bass,Oxford,ABMBERTK,$91,Bow /author/andyashong/,Double,Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,Belt,Black,with,Black,Case,ph-elim.net,Wood,Bass,Oxford,ABMBERTK,$91,Bow ABMBERTK Black Oxford Wood Double Bow Belt Case with Max 87% OFF Bass

Bargain ABMBERTK Black Oxford Wood Double Bow Belt Case with Max 87% OFF Bass

ABMBERTK Black Oxford Wood Double Bass Bow Case with Belt,Black


ABMBERTK Black Oxford Wood Double Bass Bow Case with Belt,Black

Product description


Package size: 85*10*10(cm)
Package weight: about 0.9kg

Package List:
1 * Bow Case

1. The violin is for display only, not included in the package
2. It maybe some color difference between photo real product because light difference, if you mind, pls don't order.

ABMBERTK Black Oxford Wood Double Bass Bow Case with Belt,Black

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