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KKLL Fireplace Electric Reservation Stove Control Remote Fireplaces Max 79% OFF Customiz

KKLL Fireplace Electric Stove Fireplaces Remote Control Customiz


KKLL Fireplace Electric Stove Fireplaces Remote Control Customiz

Product description

It is ideal for family room, bedroom or anywhere supplemental heat and ambiance is needed.

Adjustable flame speed and brightness adds a warming ambiance even without the heat
Product name: Electric Fireplace
Fireplaces Material: cold rolled steel plate
material: stainless steel and tempered glass
light: led light
type: insert
Equipped with remote control
Can be customized: different sizes available
Appearance: border/no border
Features1: Tempered glass
Features2: strong and safe
Item Weight:26kg
Product Size: 918mm*670mm*220mm
Remote Controlled: yes
Flame :can be adjustment
Box Contains:
1 x fireplace suite
1 x Equipped with remote control
No heating ,if you want heating function, please email us
Pls allow 1-2mm error due to manual measurement and make sure you do not mind before ordering.
When you have any inquiries or question,please do not hesitate to contact us,We will reply you soon.

KKLL Fireplace Electric Stove Fireplaces Remote Control Customiz

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