$125 SBU Grey Heavy-Duty Boat Cover for CRESTLINER Crusader 885 I/O 2 Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $125 SBU Grey Heavy-Duty Boat Cover for CRESTLINER Crusader 885 I/O 2 Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Crusader,Heavy-Duty,885,Cover,Boat,Grey,/baikie4036266.html,CRESTLINER,$125,2,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,for,I/O,SBU,ph-elim.net Crusader,Heavy-Duty,885,Cover,Boat,Grey,/baikie4036266.html,CRESTLINER,$125,2,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,for,I/O,SBU,ph-elim.net SBU Grey Heavy-Duty Boat Cover for Factory outlet CRESTLINER O 2 Crusader I 885 SBU Grey Heavy-Duty Boat Cover for Factory outlet CRESTLINER O 2 Crusader I 885

SBU Grey Heavy-Duty Boat Cover for Factory outlet CRESTLINER O 2 Crusader Ranking TOP7 I 885

SBU Grey Heavy-Duty Boat Cover for CRESTLINER Crusader 885 I/O 2


SBU Grey Heavy-Duty Boat Cover for CRESTLINER Crusader 885 I/O 2

Product description

Do you own a CRESTLINER Crusader 885 I/O 2011 ? Wonder how to keep it safe from dust, the sun, and other environmental stressors? Have your boat attached to your trailer and simply can’t find a cover that works?

Then we have got just the thing for you!

This SBU Boat Cover comes in a lovely yet neutral grey color that will cover all of the boats mentioned above, even if they are attached to your trailer! The cover is made from 600 denier heavy-duty, breathable, urethane-coated marine-grade, woven canvas polyester. The cover will not stretch or shrink over the years, and provides your boat protection from dirt, dust, leaves, weather ,as well as other elements.

Along with all these features, the boat cover has waterproof stress points reinforcements and non-scratch material on the corners and the middle of the cover. It also features a full elastic cord in the bottom hem for a snug, tight fit, with an integrated buckle and strap system that allows for easy fitting and trailering. The waterproof air vents in the cover prevent wind lofting and allow proper air circulation.

With this purchase, you not only get the cover but also tie-down trailering straps and a convenient storage bag. Additionally, we provide a 10-year warranty with this product! The perfect boat accessory to protect your boat while not in use, this product will last you for years to come.

Package Includes:
1 x Grey Boat Cover
Accessories: 1 x Convenient Storage Bag
4 x AdjustableTie-Down Trailering Straps

SBU Grey Heavy-Duty Boat Cover for CRESTLINER Crusader 885 I/O 2

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