,Top,Black,Inches,18,Marble,Table,Beautiful,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/baikie5303966.html,24,Coffee,x,Back,Spla,$318 18 Many popular brands x 24 Inches Black Marble Table Top Beautiful Coffee Spla Back $318 18 x 24 Inches Black Marble Coffee Table Top Beautiful Back Spla Home Kitchen Furniture $318 18 x 24 Inches Black Marble Coffee Table Top Beautiful Back Spla Home Kitchen Furniture 18 Many popular brands x 24 Inches Black Marble Table Top Beautiful Coffee Spla Back,Top,Black,Inches,18,Marble,Table,Beautiful,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/baikie5303966.html,24,Coffee,x,Back,Spla,$318

18 Many popular brands x Ranking TOP9 24 Inches Black Marble Table Top Beautiful Coffee Spla Back

18 x 24 Inches Black Marble Coffee Table Top Beautiful Back Spla


18 x 24 Inches Black Marble Coffee Table Top Beautiful Back Spla

Product description

If You Are Looking Something Customize, Let Us Know We Will Make For You As Per Your Design, Size amp; Shape. The semiprecious stones inlaid are as follows 1. Lapis Lazuli ---------- Blue stone 2. Malachite --------- Green stone 3. Turquoise ---------- Light Blue 4. Carnelian ---------- Orange Red 5. Mother of Pearl --------- White shiny 6. Abalone Shell ---------- Colorful Shiny 7. Jasper ---------- Brown Package includes Table Top Only. Packaging in extra-thick foam cushioning amp; strong corrugated cardboard or PVC box. Legs, Stands or Bases are not included in the package.This is only Table Top amp; Base / Legs are not included. If you want Base / Legs we will get it customized in Wood / Marble as per your requirement. Buyer has to pay Custom Duty or other taxes if any applicable in destination country.

18 x 24 Inches Black Marble Coffee Table Top Beautiful Back Spla

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