Cleveland C31291 - Ranking TOP18 End Mill 1 Dia Cobalt 4 Cut Mill,/becoward1149522.html,Cobalt,1/4,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,Dia,Cut,$133,-,Cleveland,1/4,,C31291,End $133 Cleveland C31291 - End Mill 1/4 Dia 1/4 Cut Cobalt Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools Cleveland C31291 - Ranking TOP18 End Mill 1 Dia Cobalt 4 Cut Mill,/becoward1149522.html,Cobalt,1/4,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,Dia,Cut,$133,-,Cleveland,1/4,,C31291,End $133 Cleveland C31291 - End Mill 1/4 Dia 1/4 Cut Cobalt Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools

Outlet sale feature Cleveland C31291 - Ranking TOP18 End Mill 1 Dia Cobalt 4 Cut

Cleveland C31291 - End Mill 1/4 Dia 1/4 Cut Cobalt


Cleveland C31291 - End Mill 1/4 Dia 1/4 Cut Cobalt

Product description

End Mill Roughing Coarse Pitch General Purpose Number of Flutes 4 Single End Square End Style Center Cutting Type Right Hand Cut Cobalt Steel TiCN Finish Dia 1/4 In Shank Dia 3/8 In Length of Cut 1/4 In Overall Length 2 1/16 In Rhc 30 Deg Rhh 30 Deg Ideal For Profiling Plunging And Ramping Roughing Operations In Aluminum High SI Cast Aluminum Brass Copper And Light Alloys

Cleveland C31291 - End Mill 1/4 Dia 1/4 Cut Cobalt

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