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LED Max 77% OFF All stores are sold Bulb With Remote Hemispherical Patch Dimmable Lam

LED Bulb, With Remote Dimmable LED Patch Bulb, Hemispherical Lam


LED Bulb, With Remote Dimmable LED Patch Bulb, Hemispherical Lam

Product description

Product name: LED dimming bulb
Material: PC lampshade + aluminium
Quantity: 1
Light source: LED SMD
Voltage: 100V-240V
Colour temperature: 3000-3200k (warm light effect)/6000-6500k (white light effect)
Lamp head specification: E27 lamp port
Suitable for: living room, reading, writing
There is a 1-3cm Error in Manual Measurement. Our Delivery Time is 8-25 Days. If You Have any Doubts, Please Contact Us in Time, and Hope To Help Solve any Problems.

LED Bulb, With Remote Dimmable LED Patch Bulb, Hemispherical Lam

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