New 8 Colors 4 Full Size Acoustic Basswood w Case Violin Rosin Max 44% OFF New 8 Colors 4 Full Size Acoustic Basswood w Case Violin Rosin Max 44% OFF Violin,Acoustic,4/4,8,,Colors,Basswood,w/Case,$40,/becoward1149922.html,Size,Rosin,Full,New,Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra $40 New 8 Colors 4/4 Full Size Basswood Acoustic Violin w/Case Rosin Musical Instruments Band Orchestra $40 New 8 Colors 4/4 Full Size Basswood Acoustic Violin w/Case Rosin Musical Instruments Band Orchestra Violin,Acoustic,4/4,8,,Colors,Basswood,w/Case,$40,/becoward1149922.html,Size,Rosin,Full,New,Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra

New 8 Colors 4 Full Size Acoustic Basswood w Case Violin Rosin Max 44% OFF Max 64% OFF

New 8 Colors 4/4 Full Size Basswood Acoustic Violin w/Case Rosin


New 8 Colors 4/4 Full Size Basswood Acoustic Violin w/Case Rosin

Product description

If you're an adult who is a violin learner or enthusiast, it will be a wise decision for you to buy this natural acoustic violin pack, which includes a 4/4 full-size violin, case, bow and rosin. The head, back and sides of this acoustic violin are all made from composite wood while the fingerboard, tailpiece, pegs, and chin rest are made from plastic and the bow is made from ebony and white horse tail. Besides, the inside of case is very soft to protect the violin and rosin is a free gift for you. Altogether, why not take this premium violin home!

New 8 Colors 4/4 Full Size Basswood Acoustic Violin w/Case Rosin

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