Burnt,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,ph-elim.net,Wood,Tray,Breakfast,$38,/becoward1516222.html,Metal,Serving,Copper-Tone,with,16-inch Burnt,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,ph-elim.net,Wood,Tray,Breakfast,$38,/becoward1516222.html,Metal,Serving,Copper-Tone,with,16-inch Burnt Wood 16-inch Breakfast Serving Metal with online shop Copper-Tone Tray $38 Burnt Wood 16-inch Breakfast Serving Tray with Copper-Tone Metal Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $38 Burnt Wood 16-inch Breakfast Serving Tray with Copper-Tone Metal Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Burnt Wood 16-inch Breakfast Serving Metal with online shop Copper-Tone Tray

Burnt Wood 16-inch Breakfast Serving Metal with shipfree online shop Copper-Tone Tray

Burnt Wood 16-inch Breakfast Serving Tray with Copper-Tone Metal


Burnt Wood 16-inch Breakfast Serving Tray with Copper-Tone Metal

Product description


Bring functionality and charm to your home with this ic wood breakfast serving tray. Serve your guests food and beverages, and showcase it as a piece of antique decoration on your table or counter when not in use. Copper-toned metal handles allow the serving tray to be picked up and carried around your home easily.
Product Details

16-inch wooden serving tray and accent platter in ic burnt wood finish
Perfect for decorative items on your ottoman or coffee table and great for serving drinks and appetizers
Server features copper-tone metal handles for easy carry
SPECS: 16.1 L x 11.8 W x 2.9 H (in inches)

Burnt Wood 16-inch Breakfast Serving Tray with Copper-Tone Metal

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