ZJING White Goose Pillow for Sleep C Super Soft Comfortable 5 ☆ very popular and $392,Super,/betterer1101747.html,C,Sleep,,Soft,and,Comfortable,ph-elim.net,Goose,Home Kitchen , Bedding,White,for,Pillow,ZJING ZJING White Goose Pillow for Sleep C Super Soft Comfortable 5 ☆ very popular and $392 ZJING White Goose Pillow for Sleep, Super Soft and Comfortable C Home Kitchen Bedding $392 ZJING White Goose Pillow for Sleep, Super Soft and Comfortable C Home Kitchen Bedding $392,Super,/betterer1101747.html,C,Sleep,,Soft,and,Comfortable,ph-elim.net,Goose,Home Kitchen , Bedding,White,for,Pillow,ZJING

ZJING Max 87% OFF White Goose Pillow for Sleep C Super Soft Comfortable 5 ☆ very popular and

ZJING White Goose Pillow for Sleep, Super Soft and Comfortable C


ZJING White Goose Pillow for Sleep, Super Soft and Comfortable C

Product description

Product parameters:
Main ingredient of filler: goose down
Main composition of fabric: cotton
The main component content of the fabric: 100
Product Size:
Family size: 48*74CM (the product has 1-2cm error)

Suggestions for using maintenance methods
1. Cover the pillowcase and use it to keep it clean;
2. After using for a period of time, you can lay it flat in a ventilated place to remove sweat and moisture.

Washing and drying:
1. Remove the pillowcase and wash it every half a month or so;
2. If the pillow core is dirty, you can gently clean it;
3. Do not bleach or iron;

Storage method
1. Store in a ventilated and dry place, avoid moisture and heavy pressure, so as not to affect the elasticity and fluffiness of the down.

Goose down is animal protein fiber and contains oil. If there is a slight smell, this is normal. It is recommended to place it in a ventilated place to dry it, the odor will gradually dissipate.

ZJING White Goose Pillow for Sleep, Super Soft and Comfortable C

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