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Mail order cheap Shackcom Window Film One Import Way Daytime Privacy Mirror Static

Shackcom Window Film One Way Mirror Film, Daytime Privacy Static


Shackcom Window Film One Way Mirror Film, Daytime Privacy Static

Product Description

one way mirror window film
one way mirror window film

Installation Guide:

1. Clean the window thoroughly. Make sure it is smooth and clean without any dust.

2. Measure the window and trim the film to the required size. Leave an extra 1-2cm margin on each side for an easy adjustment. Please trim it carefully with your sharp knife cutter for it would tear if you use too much force.

3. Stick tape on smooth side of the film to quickly remove the transparent backing film. You may also rub the film’s corner for a while to peel off the backing.

4. Spray enough water evenly on both window film and the window.

5. Pick up the wet film by the top two corners to paste the SMOOTH side of the film onto the wet glass, smooth the film with wet cloth.

6. Use the squeegee or the cleaning cloth to remove excess water and any bubbles whilst applying the film. Wipe the film back and forth, making sure there's no bubble or water left.

7. Trim off the margins, leaving 2-3 mm gap from the edge of the glass to the film. Wipe the film back and forth, making sure there's no bubble or water left again.

8. If there are bubbles in the corners after cutting, uncover it, re-spray water, stick the window film, scrape away the bubbles with squeegee.

9. In order to have a better product experience, please read the following Useful Tips before install.

one way mirror window film

Useful Tips:

1. Keep the window and film extremely wet during installation process. If it becomes dry, re-wet it completely before applying film.

2. Before pasting, do remember to tear off the protective film (transparent film). You could stick a tape on one side of the window to peel off the backing.

3. Spray more water on the glass and the film, the more water, the better, and scrape all the bubbles and water out from the middle to both sides with a squeegee.

4. If you use tools that are easy to scratch the window film, such as credit cards or rulers, to remove water and bubbles, it is recommended to use a soft cloth to wrap the tools before operation.

5. If you need to cut, draw lines the window film with markers. Leave an extra 1-2cm margin on each side for an easy adjustment.

6. Press the window film with a ruler, trim off the margins with a sharp blade , leave about 2-3mm gap from the window frame and the film to avoid falling off or curling.

7. If there shows falling or curling on corner, re-spray enough water, scrape all the bubble and water.

8. Use a Hair Dryer to soften the film, the hair dryer should at least 1.5cm from the window sticker. Or Soak the Film in Warm Water (around 40-45 degrees Celsius) Under Cold Weather.

9. Teamwork will be more helpful!

10. This one way window film recommended for indoor use.

one way mirror window film


Q(1): How about the film privay during night?

A: At night, outside CAN see inside. Daytime, outside CAN NOT see inside. Remember to draw curtain during night.

Q(2): Will this product work as I am trying to reduce glare from a light?

A: Yes it will diffuse any glare, its really good.

Q(3): Can this be put on over a window thats had permanent window tint applied? And is it easily removed without damaging my permanent tint?

A: If it is flat and smooth surface, i would say yes. Shakcom window film uses static to bond to the window so there is no adhesive marks or difficulty in removing or repositioning.

Q(4):Which side of the film should go on the window? the one on which the backing film is? or the opposite side?

A: The sides you peel off goes on the window.

Q(5): How do you make the finish look so smooth?

A: I started from the top and used a paper hanging brush to get it roughly on and then used squeegee from centre to edges. Make sure glass is clean, the glass and window film are very wet and that you get all air bubbles out as you go. Remember if not flat as you go just peel back and add more water and squeegee again.

window film one way mirror

Shackcom Window Film One Way Mirror Film, Daytime Privacy Static

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