ZWYSL Antique Jute Table Chair Wedding and Christmas price ZWYSL Antique Jute Table Chair Wedding and Christmas price Chair,Wedding,$84,Antique,Table,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Table,,/betterer912947.html,Christmas,ZWYSL,Jute,Table,and $84 ZWYSL Antique Jute Table and Chair Wedding Table Christmas Table Home Kitchen Furniture $84 ZWYSL Antique Jute Table and Chair Wedding Table Christmas Table Home Kitchen Furniture Chair,Wedding,$84,Antique,Table,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Table,,/betterer912947.html,Christmas,ZWYSL,Jute,Table,and

ZWYSL Antique Jute Table Chair Wedding and Sale Special Price Christmas price

ZWYSL Antique Jute Table and Chair Wedding Table Christmas Table


ZWYSL Antique Jute Table and Chair Wedding Table Christmas Table

Product description

Brand: ZWYSL
HIGH QUALITY - Each linen fabric is handmade with high quality cotton and linen, soft, comfortable, durable and reusable. Easy to clean and stain resistant.
PERFECT DESIGN: All table flags are carefully sewn to be more delicate and prevent wear and tear. Improves the life of the tread.
Versatility: The natural and simple style of the tread makes it very flexible and perfect for retro weddings. The barges and the forests have an ancient and unique character. Perfect for family, hotel, restaurant, wedding and party decorations.
Connection Styles - The steps are available in eight simple and classic colors.
Pros: Jute glides are 33x80cm, 33x120cm, 33x160cm, 33x180cm, 33x210cm, 33x240cm, 33x270cm, 33x300cm, 33x330cm, 33x360cm, 33x390cm, 33x420cm, long enough to design as you like.
PERFECT FABRIC FOR HOME DECORATION - Long lasting and will not fade or shrink after washing. First choice for hand wash, machine wash on a gentle cycle, light ironing and lay flat to dry.

ZWYSL Antique Jute Table and Chair Wedding Table Christmas Table

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