Daily bargain sale JJWC Home Craft 18mm Lace Handmade Cotton Printed W Ribbon Satin Ribbon,W,JJWC,Home,Handmade,Printed,18mm,/ca1101777.html,$49,Health Household , Stationery Gift Wrapping Suppl,Lace,Craft,Cotton,Satin,ph-elim.net $49 JJWC Home Craft 18mm Lace Handmade Printed Cotton Satin Ribbon W Health Household Stationery Gift Wrapping Suppl $49 JJWC Home Craft 18mm Lace Handmade Printed Cotton Satin Ribbon W Health Household Stationery Gift Wrapping Suppl Daily bargain sale JJWC Home Craft 18mm Lace Handmade Cotton Printed W Ribbon Satin Ribbon,W,JJWC,Home,Handmade,Printed,18mm,/ca1101777.html,$49,Health Household , Stationery Gift Wrapping Suppl,Lace,Craft,Cotton,Satin,ph-elim.net

Daily bargain sale JJWC Home Craft 18mm Lace Handmade Cotton Printed W Ribbon Virginia Beach Mall Satin

JJWC Home Craft 18mm Lace Handmade Printed Cotton Satin Ribbon W


JJWC Home Craft 18mm Lace Handmade Printed Cotton Satin Ribbon W

Product description

Color:Style a

The ribbon is made of pure cotton fabric, the ribbon is smooth, shiny and durable.
Can be easily crimped, and the valve stem winding tape is easy to tear, and no cutting tools are required.
Fabric ribbons can be used for clothing, sewing, accessories, wigs, corsages, etc.
Simple and classic style can meet the requirements of holiday decoration.
This is an ideal gift for friends, girls, family, Mother's Day and special holidays.

Material: Cotton
Color: as shown
Process: Pure color
Size: 18 mm
Features: environmental protection
packing list:
3 ribbons
(Not including others)
Due to the manual measurement of the above dimensions, the actual product size can be slightly different from the above dimensions.
Due to the effects of lighting effects, monitor settings, etc., the color tone of the image may be slightly different from the actual project.
After receiving the packaging, please check the packaging and the product carefully. If the received item is defective or has any questions, please contact us via email to resolve the problem. We will reply as soon as possible and do our best to meet your needs!

JJWC Home Craft 18mm Lace Handmade Printed Cotton Satin Ribbon W

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