With charger 31.5Ah 13S9P 48V ebike e-bike electric bicy battery Baltimore Mall e-bike,31.5Ah,13S9P,charger,With,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,/ca1516277.html,bicy,48V,electric,battery,$344,ph-elim.net,ebike $344 With charger 31.5Ah 13S9P 48V battery e-bike ebike electric bicy Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools e-bike,31.5Ah,13S9P,charger,With,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,/ca1516277.html,bicy,48V,electric,battery,$344,ph-elim.net,ebike $344 With charger 31.5Ah 13S9P 48V battery e-bike ebike electric bicy Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools With charger 31.5Ah 13S9P 48V ebike e-bike electric bicy battery Baltimore Mall

With charger 31.5Ah 13S9P 48V online shop ebike e-bike electric bicy battery Baltimore Mall

With charger 31.5Ah 13S9P 48V battery e-bike ebike electric bicy


With charger 31.5Ah 13S9P 48V battery e-bike ebike electric bicy

Product description

Nominal voltage: 48V
Battery capacity: 31.5Ah
Size: 380x250x95x245x45x70mm
Output voltage: 35.75-54.6V
Combination method: 13 series 9 parallel
Number of batteries: 117 pcs
Single cell size: Diameter 18mm x height 65mm
Total weight: 5400g
Support motor power: 50W-1200W
If the motor power you need exceeds this parameter, please contact me, I can customize it for you!
Support charging current: 0.2-10A

The battery has a built-in BMS protection board

The battery has short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, overload protection, and over current protection.
Internal battery: Big brand battery. high quality!
Life cycle: more than 1000 times

Application range:
Electric bicycles, airplane models, power tools, battery diy,
Golf carts, sightseeing buses, electric motorcycles, electric wheelchairs, etc.

With charger 31.5Ah 13S9P 48V battery e-bike ebike electric bicy

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