$292 JIAH Office Chair Home Office Desk Chairs Ergonomic Mesh Compute Home Kitchen Furniture Home Kitchen , Furniture,Chair,$292,/carminette1516112.html,Office,Office,Desk,ph-elim.net,Home,Compute,JIAH,Mesh,Chairs,Ergonomic Home Kitchen , Furniture,Chair,$292,/carminette1516112.html,Office,Office,Desk,ph-elim.net,Home,Compute,JIAH,Mesh,Chairs,Ergonomic JIAH Office Chair Home NEW before selling ☆ Desk Mesh Chairs Compute Ergonomic JIAH Office Chair Home NEW before selling ☆ Desk Mesh Chairs Compute Ergonomic $292 JIAH Office Chair Home Office Desk Chairs Ergonomic Mesh Compute Home Kitchen Furniture

JIAH Office Chair Home NEW before selling ☆ Desk Online limited product Mesh Chairs Compute Ergonomic

JIAH Office Chair Home Office Desk Chairs Ergonomic Mesh Compute


JIAH Office Chair Home Office Desk Chairs Ergonomic Mesh Compute

Product description

If you have any quality problems, please contact us immediately and we will provide you with a 100% satisfactory solution.
1.Ergonomic Design:Ergonomically designed with comfortable seat for those who work at desks for long periods.
2.Dual Wheel Casters:Beautiful and stable metallic sliver painted metal base. Dual wheel casters are rolling fluently and almost no sound when moving the chair.
3.Reliable Comfort:Updated thick pad, soft texture slow down the pressure of the sedentary. Breathable, lightweight mesh use Nanoscale materials can resist transformation, abrasion.
4.Breezy Installation:Designed with ease of use, this desk chair is super easy to set up. All parts and tools are clearly marked and anyone can install it in about 20 minutes with minimal effort.
5.Dimensions:Seat size: W 51 x D 52 cm; Back size: W 42 x H 66 cm; Seat height:42- 52 cm (adjustable)
Product name: office chair
Colour: Black
Metal material: steel
Fabric material: mesh
Five-star foot material: steel foot
Can lift: Yes
Whether it can be rotated: Yes
Whether to lie down: Yes
Whether to support ergonomics: Yes
Handrail type: fixed handrail
Gross weight: 11 kg
Whether to assemble: assembly
Package includes: 1×office chair

JIAH Office Chair Home Office Desk Chairs Ergonomic Mesh Compute

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