$36 kerryshop Coat Racks Wall-Mounted Coat Hook European Style Light Home Kitchen Storage Organization Racks,$36,kerryshop,/category/cities/,Wall-Mounted,European,Coat,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Style,Coat,ph-elim.net,Hook,Light $36 kerryshop Coat Racks Wall-Mounted Coat Hook European Style Light Home Kitchen Storage Organization kerryshop Coat Racks Wall-Mounted Now on sale Light European Style Hook Racks,$36,kerryshop,/category/cities/,Wall-Mounted,European,Coat,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Style,Coat,ph-elim.net,Hook,Light kerryshop Coat Racks Wall-Mounted Now on sale Light European Style Hook

OFFicial store kerryshop Coat Racks Wall-Mounted Now on sale Light European Style Hook

kerryshop Coat Racks Wall-Mounted Coat Hook European Style Light


kerryshop Coat Racks Wall-Mounted Coat Hook European Style Light

Product description

Place the essentials anywhere. Use wall-mounted hooks as organizers in places that are not suitable for use in homes, bathrooms, laundry rooms, clothing stores, kitchens, garages, retail stores, offices, classrooms, etc.
Name: Clothes hook
Material: zinc alloy
Product size: 6.6×3.9 (inches)
Product load: 10-15kg
Scope of application: living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.
1. Please confirm the size and color before purchasing.
2. There are no other items except the hook in the product photo.
3. The size is measured manually. This may be wrong, this is normal, please refer to the actual size, thank you.
5. Due to the difference of lighting and screen, the color of the product may be slightly different from the picture, please understand.
6. If you find any problems with our products, please feel free to contact us via contact email. We will solve your problem as soon as possible.
7. Thank you for visiting our store, click to enter our store, there are more products to choose from.

kerryshop Coat Racks Wall-Mounted Coat Hook European Style Light

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