$45 KMDJ U-Shaped Pillow Slow Rebound Memory Cotton U-Shaped Pillow Home Kitchen Bedding KMDJ U-Shaped Pillow Slow Phoenix Mall Memory Cotton Rebound KMDJ U-Shaped Pillow Slow Phoenix Mall Memory Cotton Rebound $45 KMDJ U-Shaped Pillow Slow Rebound Memory Cotton U-Shaped Pillow Home Kitchen Bedding $45,Home Kitchen , Bedding,U-Shaped,ph-elim.net,Pillow,KMDJ,Cotton,U-Shaped,/category/transportation/airlines-International.asp,Pillow,Slow,Rebound,Memory $45,Home Kitchen , Bedding,U-Shaped,ph-elim.net,Pillow,KMDJ,Cotton,U-Shaped,/category/transportation/airlines-International.asp,Pillow,Slow,Rebound,Memory

KMDJ U-Shaped Pillow Slow Phoenix Mall Memory Cotton Bargain sale Rebound

KMDJ U-Shaped Pillow Slow Rebound Memory Cotton U-Shaped Pillow


KMDJ U-Shaped Pillow Slow Rebound Memory Cotton U-Shaped Pillow

Product description


U-shaped pillows are easy to adjust for comfort and are suitable for use in a variety of environments and are essential for everyday life.

U-shaped pillows are made of high-quality materials that promote a healthy sleep posture and help reduce neck and back strain.

Designed for portability and comfort, this pillow can be attached to a carry-on case without taking up extra space.

Product size: 31*8*31cm

Material: sponge, fabric

Applicable number: Single

Color Classification: Gray Beige

Shape: U shape

Applicable people: adults

Weight: 0.6kg

1. All data of this product are measured by hand. Because of the shooting environment and light problems, there may be some errors. Please refer to the actual product.

2.If you have any questions about the product, please let us know. We will provide you with solution

KMDJ U-Shaped Pillow Slow Rebound Memory Cotton U-Shaped Pillow

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