ttdl HCHENX Neck Pillow shipfree Foldable Pillo Travel Adjustable U-Shape $70 ttdl HCHENX Neck Pillow Foldable Adjustable U-Shape Travel Pillo Home Kitchen Bedding U-Shape,Pillo,Pillow,Adjustable,Foldable,Home Kitchen , Bedding,,ttdl,Neck,Travel,HCHENX,$70,/crispy1149810.html U-Shape,Pillo,Pillow,Adjustable,Foldable,Home Kitchen , Bedding,,ttdl,Neck,Travel,HCHENX,$70,/crispy1149810.html ttdl HCHENX Neck Pillow shipfree Foldable Pillo Travel Adjustable U-Shape $70 ttdl HCHENX Neck Pillow Foldable Adjustable U-Shape Travel Pillo Home Kitchen Bedding

ttdl HCHENX Neck Pillow shipfree Foldable Pillo Travel Adjustable U-Shape Portland Mall

ttdl HCHENX Neck Pillow Foldable Adjustable U-Shape Travel Pillo


ttdl HCHENX Neck Pillow Foldable Adjustable U-Shape Travel Pillo

Product description

Usage: body
Use: travel
Use: massage.
Use: bed linen.
Thread count: 200TC
Shape: U shape
Feature: memory.
Part: neck
Pattern Type:Solid
Filling: memory foam.
Fabric quantity: 60.
Note: Quality
Material: polyester/cotton

ttdl HCHENX Neck Pillow Foldable Adjustable U-Shape Travel Pillo

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