$52 African Sisal Handwoven Zimbabwe Zienzele Basket 15.5" Across Ba Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Across,15.5",$52,Basket,Zienzele,African,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/crispy1516410.html,Ba,Sisal,Handwoven,Zimbabwe,ph-elim.net $52 African Sisal Handwoven Zimbabwe Zienzele Basket 15.5" Across Ba Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining African Sisal Handwoven Zimbabwe Zienzele Basket Across 15.5" Tucson Mall Ba Across,15.5",$52,Basket,Zienzele,African,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/crispy1516410.html,Ba,Sisal,Handwoven,Zimbabwe,ph-elim.net African Sisal Handwoven Zimbabwe Zienzele Basket Across 15.5" Tucson Mall Ba

African Sisal Handwoven Zimbabwe Super popular specialty store Zienzele Basket Across 15.5

African Sisal Handwoven Zimbabwe Zienzele Basket 15.5" Across Ba


African Sisal Handwoven Zimbabwe Zienzele Basket 15.5" Across Ba

Product description

These sisal baskets are made in Zimbabwe by women who have been affected by AIDS in some form - whether they are looking after AIDS orphans or are in treatment themselves or are single mothers. The material is sisal, a fibre that comes from the tropical plant Agave. Each fiber is harvested, dried, hand dyed, dried again, then rolled against the weaver's leg until the perfect thread is drawn out. An average of 30-40 hours per basket makes these one of the most labor intensive of all African baskets for their size. These baskets are traditionally given as gifts and symbolize long and happy life. Size: Large: 15.5" X 2.5"

African Sisal Handwoven Zimbabwe Zienzele Basket 15.5" Across Ba

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