URSING Cordless Automatic Hair Attention brand Anti-Tangle Set Curler Wireless $26 URSING Cordless Automatic Hair Curler Set, Anti-Tangle Wireless Beauty Personal Care Hair Care URSING Cordless Automatic Hair Attention brand Anti-Tangle Set Curler Wireless $26 URSING Cordless Automatic Hair Curler Set, Anti-Tangle Wireless Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Curler,Automatic,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Cordless,ph-elim.net,Anti-Tangle,Wireless,Hair,/cyanogenesis1149960.html,$26,Set,,URSING Curler,Automatic,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Cordless,ph-elim.net,Anti-Tangle,Wireless,Hair,/cyanogenesis1149960.html,$26,Set,,URSING

URSING Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Cordless Automatic Hair Attention brand Anti-Tangle Set Curler Wireless

URSING Cordless Automatic Hair Curler Set, Anti-Tangle Wireless


URSING Cordless Automatic Hair Curler Set, Anti-Tangle Wireless

Product description





Conversion : 1 inch = 25.4mm or 1mm = 0.0393 inch,1cm=10mm.

Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement.

Package Inclusion:

1 x host, 1 x Android data cable, 2 x

URSING Cordless Automatic Hair Curler Set, Anti-Tangle Wireless

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