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Galaxy Rose for Women with Dome Max 43% OFF Fake half Gifts Glass Mother

Galaxy Rose for Women with Glass Dome,Fake Rose Gifts for Mother


Galaxy Rose for Women with Glass Dome,Fake Rose Gifts for Mother

Product Description

Best Choice For Witness Eternal Love.

  • This Colorful Rose in a Bright Clear Glass Dome perfect for displaying in bedroom, living room, bar, shop, cafe, restaurant etc.
  • Glass Rose flower are wonderful presents for Valentine Day, Birthday, Party, Wedding, Mother Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Graduations, Teachers Day, Anniversaries, Retirement, Funerals; Creative gifts for female, women,lovers,mother, children, friends, company staff and so on.
  • Each Rose Flower is an unique work of art that is a stunning symbol of long-lasting friendship, beauty, and love. Amaze the love of your life with the gift of an Eternity Rose, and give them the token of love they deserve.
  • Powered by 3 AAA power (not included). Low power consumption and long service life. Very comfortable to carry with you everywhere. Makes your room more interesting.

Enjoy Our Service:

When you buy the rose flower in our shop, if you have any question with any reason, just conta ct us within 30 days for a fast solution!

Package Included:

1*Colorful Rose with Led Lights In A Glass Dome

1*Gift Box

Colorful Rose Flower With Led light in a glass dome conveying an Bright and colorful love to the world.


Galaxy Rose for Women with Glass Dome,Fake Rose Gifts for Mother

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