Smokeless Ashtray Smoke Ash Tray Battery low-pricing Air Operated A Purifier Smokeless,Ashtray,Air,Ash,Operated,Tray,,Smoke,A,$28,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,/disclaimer,Purifier,Battery Smokeless Ashtray Smoke Ash Tray Battery low-pricing Air Operated A Purifier $28 Smokeless Ashtray Smoke Ash Tray Battery Operated Air Purifier A Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Smokeless,Ashtray,Air,Ash,Operated,Tray,,Smoke,A,$28,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,/disclaimer,Purifier,Battery $28 Smokeless Ashtray Smoke Ash Tray Battery Operated Air Purifier A Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Smokeless Austin Mall Ashtray Smoke Ash Tray Battery low-pricing Air Operated A Purifier

Smokeless Ashtray Smoke Ash Tray Battery Operated Air Purifier A


Smokeless Ashtray Smoke Ash Tray Battery Operated Air Purifier A

Product description

Smokeless Ashtray Filters Cigarettes Cigar Smoke. Sucks Smoke Into Ashtray and Filters it. Reduces Second Hand Smoke Inhalation. Enjoy a better atmosphere at home, in the office, in restaurants or anywhere else with the Smokeless Ashtray, that has a built in fan that sucks in the smoke and filters it inside the ashtray. The smokeless ashtray is portable and battery operated so it can be placed at any location as desired. Smokeless Ashtray, Battery Operated with built-in Filter System Reduces Second-Hand Smoke and Ash Odors. The filter of the smokeless ashtray is a washable filter that is included. Use in Home, Office, Kitchen, Auto, Truck RV etc. Smokeless Ashtray Requires 2 -C- size Batteries (Not Included). Size of the smokeless ashtray is 5 inch Dia x 2.5 inch High .

Smokeless Ashtray Smoke Ash Tray Battery Operated Air Purifier A

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