$21 Disposable toothbrush, disposable toothbrush for travel and busi Beauty Personal Care Oral Care $21 Disposable toothbrush, disposable toothbrush for travel and busi Beauty Personal Care Oral Care Disposable toothbrush disposable for travel Popular popular and busi Disposable,travel,busi,toothbrush,,Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,for,$21,/duteousness1149793.html,ph-elim.net,toothbrush,and,disposable Disposable toothbrush disposable for travel Popular popular and busi Disposable,travel,busi,toothbrush,,Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,for,$21,/duteousness1149793.html,ph-elim.net,toothbrush,and,disposable

Disposable toothbrush disposable Limited time cheap sale for travel Popular popular and busi

Disposable toothbrush, disposable toothbrush for travel and busi


Disposable toothbrush, disposable toothbrush for travel and busi

Product description

Easy to use, you can put both toothbrush and toothpaste in this small case to keep them tidy. The simple design makes this toothbrush case more fashionable and convenient. Perfect for home use, outdoor, camping, business travel, etc.
- Color: Grey.
- Material: ABS and PC.
- Size: about 20. 5 X 6. 0 X 6. 0cm/ 8. 06 X 2. 36 X 2. 36 inch.
Package Including
1 x storage case

Disposable toothbrush, disposable toothbrush for travel and busi

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