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Selling and selling Cribbu New arrival Cloudy Baby Nest Oval Blue -

Cribbu Cloudy Baby Nest Oval - Blue


Cribbu Cloudy Baby Nest Oval - Blue

Product description

Specially produced for Cribbu with %100 cotton fabric to comfort your precious one. Gives your baby the right space and support for sleep, lounge and play, while share your memorable moments with you. Double padded side barriers protect your baby from bumps and unexpected contacts. It is easily portable. Unique design lets you use both sides of this product. Same materials used on both side with different colors depending on your mood and fashion. It contains a cute pillow for more support and also for fun. You can use as activity pad, diaper change and after the precious one grows up, you can use as a bag or storage for diapers, clothes or toys. All textile dyes used for colors and prints on this product is fully compatible with baby skin with certified global suppliers. As an information in general, please avoid shiny and dark colors red, black and brown on textile products touches directly the baby skin. This product is machine washable; we recommend anti allergic detergent and low heat dry

Cribbu Cloudy Baby Nest Oval - Blue

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