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Luxury STATINT One Way Mirror Window safety Sun Blocking Film Daytime Privacy

STATINT One Way Mirror Window Film Daytime Privacy, Sun Blocking


STATINT One Way Mirror Window Film Daytime Privacy, Sun Blocking

Product description

About STATINT window film Always feel being spied on from outside? Want a more private space just for yourself? Constantly dazzled by the over-bright sunshine? If you have all these problems, our mirror window film may come in handy to solve them all. STATINT window tinted one way will block the visibility from the outside and creates a more private and comfortable inner space for you whilst dimming the lights to a proper brightness. Features: Privacy Protection amp; UV Blocking: Our window films will not only help you keep your privacy intact, but also effectively block UV in the spectrum to ensure and protect your skin safety while enjoying the sunlight. No Adhesive:Glue free static cling with no residue after uninstallation. Installation Instruction: Step 1. Keep the surface of the glass clean. Step 2. Measure the surface and cut the window film. Step 3. Leave an extra inch margin on each side for easier adjustment. Step 4. Wet the glass or window with water or soapy water. It can help you squeeze out excess air and bubbles. Step 5. Peel off the transparent backing film and then install the smooth side onto the window. Some Useful Tips: 1.The privacy window film only suitable for flat, clean, and smooth glass surfaces. 2.Please leave a small gap (about 1 cm) to let the water flow out so that the film can stick well. 3.Make sure you have removed the transparent backing film and paste smooth side to the window, or it will not cling.

STATINT One Way Mirror Window Film Daytime Privacy, Sun Blocking

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