$21 Wig Female Long Hair Curly Hair with Bangs Fluffy Wave Wig Daily Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 2021 new Wig Female Long Hair Curly with Fluffy Wave Daily Bangs $21 Wig Female Long Hair Curly Hair with Bangs Fluffy Wave Wig Daily Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Wave,$21,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Bangs,Hair,Wig,Female,ph-elim.net,Daily,Hair,with,Long,Wig,Fluffy,/dynamiting2819390.html,Curly Wave,$21,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Bangs,Hair,Wig,Female,ph-elim.net,Daily,Hair,with,Long,Wig,Fluffy,/dynamiting2819390.html,Curly 2021 new Wig Female Long Hair Curly with Fluffy Wave Daily Bangs

2021 new Wig Female Long Hair Curly with Fluffy New mail order Wave Daily Bangs

Wig Female Long Hair Curly Hair with Bangs Fluffy Wave Wig Daily


Wig Female Long Hair Curly Hair with Bangs Fluffy Wave Wig Daily

Product description

Material: artificial silk
Color: light brown
Application: any face shape, any skin tone
Scene: girls, women, hair loss crowd etc.

- The correct way to wear a wig is to comb the wig smoothly.
- Wigs are used to increase hair volume and are more suitable for friends with less hairline.
- Remember to put the fake hair in the soft net of the wig, and then put it in the packaging bag to prevent moisture.

Please be optimistic about the color and size before buying.
Due to different monitors, there may be slight color difference, please understand.
If you still cannot receive the order after 30 days, please contact us.
Our delivery time is 7-21 working days.
If you have any questions about the product, you can contact us by email, and we will provide you with service within 24 hours.

Wig Female Long Hair Curly Hair with Bangs Fluffy Wave Wig Daily

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