$1387 LLC- SUDA Handpan Drum, Concert Version D Minor Handpan 9 Notes Musical Instruments Drums Percussion LLC-,9,D,/eccritic1149795.html,SUDA,Concert,Minor,Drum,,Handpan,Version,Notes,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,Handpan,ph-elim.net,$1387 $1387 LLC- SUDA Handpan Drum, Concert Version D Minor Handpan 9 Notes Musical Instruments Drums Percussion LLC- SUDA Handpan Drum Concert Minor 9 Version depot D Notes LLC-,9,D,/eccritic1149795.html,SUDA,Concert,Minor,Drum,,Handpan,Version,Notes,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,Handpan,ph-elim.net,$1387 LLC- SUDA Handpan Drum Concert Minor 9 Version depot D Notes

LLC- SUDA Handpan Drum Concert Minor 9 Version depot D Notes Tulsa Mall

LLC- SUDA Handpan Drum, Concert Version D Minor Handpan 9 Notes


LLC- SUDA Handpan Drum, Concert Version D Minor Handpan 9 Notes

Product description

OMG!!!Such a interesting indoor activity ! Buy it!

I bought this as a great Christmas gift for my boy. It’s great for the price. Beautiful sound and well made.
in D Minor 9 notes steel drum
9 Notes - (F3 bA bB C bE F G A C )
Beautiful Vibration Sound.
Material : Steel
Diameter : 22 inch (56cm)
Height : 13.7 inch (35cm)
- How To Tune New ? -
For the extreme accurate tuning, using Linotune tuner.
Any given set of overtones can be measured.
- How To Care -
?Don’t hit strongly.
?Avoid sunlight and high humidity directly.
- How to play -
Please do not hitting strongly like Djembe and Conga,
You will be played enough beautiful overtones by Hitting Lightly with your fingertips.
I am NOT a steel drum guy so i cant say how great of a price it is for what it is, but its cheaper, more portable, more easily stored, and more easy on the ears then a guitar or drum set.
and it really IS soothing, which i never thought id say.

LLC- SUDA Handpan Drum, Concert Version D Minor Handpan 9 Notes

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