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Folding Adjustable Very popular Lounger Lounge Super intense SALE Chair Zero Portable Gravity C

Folding Adjustable Lounger, Lounge Chair,Portable Zero Gravity C


Folding Adjustable Lounger, Lounge Chair,Portable Zero Gravity C

Product description


Enjoy beautiful hours of sunshine on our comfortable garden lounger. Whether on the terrace, the balcony, in the garden or on the beach - this practical lounger offers enough space to relax.

Thanks to the transport loops and the folding function, the lounger can also be easily transported, making it the ideal travel companion.
Portable chair with zero gravity Inclined garden chair for deck chair Sunbed suitable for gardens Terraces Courtyards Pools Support for etc.200kg
The zero gravity folding beach chair combines timeless design and comfort for a touch of luxury wherever you are.Both the seat and the removable cushion are water-repellent,UV-resistant and fireproof.
adjustment mechanism,the comfortable chair easily transforms into a relaxing bed,without the need for two separate products.The seat has been designed for optimal comfort by offering ample space while sitting on the chair and even lying on the .
Folding flat,the premium bed is easy to carry,usable in large open spaces and convenient to store.
The luxurious zero gravity beach chair is perfect for camping,glamping and parties or just to relax in the garden.
The zero-gravity multi-adjustable backrest evenly distributes the weight on the chair for maximum relaxation and the sensation of absence of virtual gravity.Once the backrest is in the perfect position,it can be locked in place using the blocks under each armrest.
Main features:
Easy to fold and unfold
Easy to hook the resistant seat in position using the correction system
Great for camping,glamping,festivals or just relaxing in the garden
Water-repellent,flame retardant and UV-resistant
adjustment mechanism that converts the chair into
The package includes:
1 x zero gravity armchair
Sun Lounger suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can use it on the beach, in the garden, by the pool or at home to relax and enjoy the good times.

Folding Adjustable Lounger, Lounge Chair,Portable Zero Gravity C

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