Stand,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,,Oak,With,/feddan1149787.html,$35,Barrel,Whiske,Retro,Port,Brewing,Wine,For,Special $35 Retro Oak Wine Barrel Special Brewing Port With Stand For Whiske Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Retro Oak Wine Barrel Special Brewing For Port With online shop Stand Whiske Stand,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,,Oak,With,/feddan1149787.html,$35,Barrel,Whiske,Retro,Port,Brewing,Wine,For,Special $35 Retro Oak Wine Barrel Special Brewing Port With Stand For Whiske Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Retro Oak Wine Barrel Special Brewing For Port With online shop Stand Whiske

Retro Oak Wine Barrel Special Brewing For Port With Max 64% OFF online shop Stand Whiske

Retro Oak Wine Barrel Special Brewing Port With Stand For Whiske


Retro Oak Wine Barrel Special Brewing Port With Stand For Whiske

Product description

Color:3l Wine Red

Made of solid wooden. The solid wooden has the advantages of stabilizing and increasing the color of the wine, so that the color of the wine looks very clear. The color of the wine that is generally treated with solid wood is pleasant.
Solid wooden can volatilize the aromatic substances in the wine. Some wines that have used solid wood barrels can increase the structure and make the wine more mellow and flavorful.
Solid wooden features the role of softening wine, which will make trace elements into the wine through the pores of solid wood, this trace of oxidation helps the wine to mature, while reducing the taste of the wine in the wine, making the wine more rounded
Oak barrels can store fine wine, brandy, whiskey, tequila, etc.
Name: oak wine barrel
Material: oak,plastic
Capacity: about 1.5/3L
Size 1.5L: 20x13.5x20cm / 7.87x5.31x7.87inch
Size 3L: 23x15.5x24cm / 9.06x6.1x9.45inch
Suitable for the scene: home kitchen, hotel, bar
Uses: wine, beverage packaging, beer barrels, general packaging, buckets, coffee barrels
Package Includes:
1pc Wine Barrel
1pc Imitation Wooden Tap
1pc Wine Barrel Base
The color may be different for different display, pls understand
Pls allow 1-3mm error due to hand tste, thank you
1. Our products are very novel, the price concessions can give priority to our store
2. Our goods are shipped within 3 days, 25 days for European regions, and 35 days for North American regions. If you still have not received the goods within 40 days, please contact us, we will definitely solve your problem
3. We will try our best to serve you, will answer your questions as soon as possible, and will try our best to meet your needs
➤The monitor calibration is inconsistent. The color of the item shown in the photo may be slightly different from the actual object. Please refer to the actual.
➤I am very happy to serve you and look forward

Retro Oak Wine Barrel Special Brewing Port With Stand For Whiske

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