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ZKAIAI Scissors, Portland Mall Professional Recommendation Hairdressing Scissors Cutting Sc

ZKAIAI Scissors, Professional Hairdressing Scissors Cutting Sc


ZKAIAI Scissors, Professional Hairdressing Scissors Cutting Sc

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Excellent high quality professional hair razor scissors: 1. The product has been tested to the highest specifications and quality. This is not without difficulty in design, hand and finger selection and hair softness. The blade is made of high-quality 440C steel raised hollow blades that allow one hand to reach the edge. Comfortable and stylish index finger design. 2. Precision cutting. 3. Convex cutting blades and hollow blades, which push or bend the hair does not allow precise cutting. Ergonomic design of the detachable finger hook. High quality scissors. 4. High quality scissors cut into beautiful hair, can be used to cut pony or complete professional hairdressing scissors. Very sharp blade. 5. Very sharp blades have raised cutting edges that eliminate hair bending and pushing. The blade is also a hollow floor Compatible with improved efficiency and precision. High-quality materials. 6. Made of sturdy stainless steel, the scissors are very sharp, the cutting effect is excellent, even and easy, without damaging or splitting the hair ends.

ZKAIAI Scissors, Professional Hairdressing Scissors Cutting Sc

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