$66 ZYLZL Bathroom Handrail Stainless Steel Mirror Anti-Skid Shower Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment ZYLZL Bathroom Long-awaited Handrail Stainless Anti-Skid Mirror Steel Shower ZYLZL Bathroom Long-awaited Handrail Stainless Anti-Skid Mirror Steel Shower $66 ZYLZL Bathroom Handrail Stainless Steel Mirror Anti-Skid Shower Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Stainless,ph-elim.net,Handrail,$66,Steel,/fluxibleness1149775.html,Mirror,Bathroom,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Shower,ZYLZL,Anti-Skid Stainless,ph-elim.net,Handrail,$66,Steel,/fluxibleness1149775.html,Mirror,Bathroom,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Shower,ZYLZL,Anti-Skid

ZYLZL Bathroom Long-awaited Handrail Stainless Under blast sales Anti-Skid Mirror Steel Shower

ZYLZL Bathroom Handrail Stainless Steel Mirror Anti-Skid Shower


ZYLZL Bathroom Handrail Stainless Steel Mirror Anti-Skid Shower

Product description


◆♥●The Armrest is Ideal for Extra Helpers When Sitting down or Standing.Eliminating the Safety Hazard of Slippery Environments Such As Bathrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Stairs, Laundry Rooms.

◆♥●Stainless Steel Mirror Anti-Skid Shower Armrest, Shower Toilet, Barrier-Free Elderly Balance Handle

◆♥●Name: Handrail

◆♥●Material: Stainless Steel

◆♥●Process: Plating

◆♥●Size: 380Mm, 480Mm, 580Mm, 680Mm

◆♥●Installation Method: Perforated Installation

◆♥●Scope: Bathtub, Shower, Corridor, Bedroom, Bathroom, Stairs, Etc.

◆♥●Product Images Are Taken in Kind. There May Be Some Color Differences Due to Photo Environment Factors. Please Understand.

◆♥●This Product Only Contains the Product Itself. Does Not Include Other Products in the Picture.

ZYLZL Bathroom Handrail Stainless Steel Mirror Anti-Skid Shower

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