$559 File Cabinets Armchair Massage Chair Multi-Purpose Adjustable Of Home Kitchen Furniture File Cabinets Armchair Massage Multi-Purpose Chair Of Adjustable Genuine ph-elim.net,Adjustable,Multi-Purpose,Of,Armchair,/fluxibleness1516075.html,Cabinets,File,$559,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Chair,Massage $559 File Cabinets Armchair Massage Chair Multi-Purpose Adjustable Of Home Kitchen Furniture ph-elim.net,Adjustable,Multi-Purpose,Of,Armchair,/fluxibleness1516075.html,Cabinets,File,$559,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Chair,Massage File Cabinets Armchair Massage Multi-Purpose Chair Of Adjustable Genuine

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File Cabinets Armchair Massage Chair Multi-Purpose Adjustable Of


File Cabinets Armchair Massage Chair Multi-Purpose Adjustable Of

Product description


◆Welcome to our shop, where you can get comfortable shopping and get quality service.
Colour:Beige , Blue , Brown , Gray , Green , Orange , Pink
The design of lumbar support for extra support and comfort.
Padded seat and back for all-day comfort.
Fully adjustable height with 360-degree swivel rotation.
Heavy duty base with Wheels -Casters to avoid scuff marks on floor.
The ergonomic design can relieve your tired feeling and pressure during long workdays.
Material: linen,sponge,stainless steel
Seat Dimensions :40cm(D) x 40cm(W)
Back Dimensions:32cm(H) x 40cm(H)
Seat Adjustable Height:45cm - 60cm
Net weight: 8 kg
Max Weight :300 lbs
Package Includes:
Office Chair*1
Installation Manual*1
◆Reminder: It is estimated that our delivery time is 8-15 working days, please contact us in time if you have any questions during the period.

★If you are satisfied with our products, please give us a 5 star positive evaluation, customer satisfaction will be our driving force.

File Cabinets Armchair Massage Chair Multi-Purpose Adjustable Of

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