$35 Protector de Sofá,Funda Elástica para Sillón de Orejas,2 Piezas, Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Protector de Sofá Funda Elástica para Sale 2 Piezas Sillón Orejas $35 Protector de Sofá,Funda Elástica para Sillón de Orejas,2 Piezas, Home Kitchen Home Décor Products de,ph-elim.net,Elástica,/fluxibleness913175.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$35,Sofá,Funda,de,para,Protector,Piezas,,Orejas,2,Sillón de,ph-elim.net,Elástica,/fluxibleness913175.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$35,Sofá,Funda,de,para,Protector,Piezas,,Orejas,2,Sillón Protector de Sofá Funda Elástica para Sale 2 Piezas Sillón Orejas

Protector de Sofá Funda Elástica para Sale mart 2 Piezas Sillón Orejas

Protector de Sofá,Funda Elástica para Sillón de Orejas,2 Piezas,


Protector de Sofá,Funda Elástica para Sillón de Orejas,2 Piezas,

Product description


This chair cover is your best choice, will create a better household life for you. Devotes to provide high quality products at reasonable prices and best service for customers.

Soft and durable fabric makes for a comfortable feel which will work over both leather and fabric furniture.Protect your furniture from spills, stains, wear and tear to prevent it from getting ruined

High recommended for both leather and fabric furniture.
Wrinkle free and easy to Install, just tuck the surface fabric to be flat, and put attached foam sticks into the side of the sitting cushion areas
Wash separately in cold water, at gentle cycle. Using mild laundry detergent. Do not bleach and iron

27.5-31.5 inches long
37.4-43.3 inches high
31.5-36.2 inches wide

Package Included:
1 x Wing Chair Cover

Protector de Sofá,Funda Elástica para Sillón de Orejas,2 Piezas,

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