$27 Unisex Reading Glasses Ultra-Light Fashion, Beautiful Colors Spr Health Household Vision Ultra-Light,Colors,Spr,Reading,/gasworks1149735.html,Fashion,,$27,Health Household , Vision,Beautiful,Unisex,ph-elim.net,Glasses Unisex Reading outlet Glasses Ultra-Light Fashion Beautiful Colors Spr $27 Unisex Reading Glasses Ultra-Light Fashion, Beautiful Colors Spr Health Household Vision Unisex Reading outlet Glasses Ultra-Light Fashion Beautiful Colors Spr Ultra-Light,Colors,Spr,Reading,/gasworks1149735.html,Fashion,,$27,Health Household , Vision,Beautiful,Unisex,ph-elim.net,Glasses

Unisex Reading outlet Glasses Ultra-Light Fashion Beautiful Colors Omaha Mall Spr

Unisex Reading Glasses Ultra-Light Fashion, Beautiful Colors Spr


Unisex Reading Glasses Ultra-Light Fashion, Beautiful Colors Spr

Product description

Tired of choosing between style, function, durability and fashion in your Readers?
With these ingeniously stylish reading glasses, you’re no longer forced to choose!
Crystal clear vision, in bed, at the office, or anywhere need to see with perfect clarity
Upgraded style, vital if you need a pair of glasses that makes you or your partner shine all day
Solid construction, with a pocket glasses case which protects and cleans through the toughest days
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Name: Reading Glasses
Color: Green,Purple
Gender: Unisex
Frame Material: TR90
Lens Material: Resin
Strength: +1.00,+1.50,+2.00,+2.50,+3.00,+3.50,+4.00


1X Folding Reading Glasses

Unisex Reading Glasses Ultra-Light Fashion, Beautiful Colors Spr

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