H2Ogo Winter Snow Swirl Tube Fun Diameter 36" Sledding Seasonal Wrap Introduction $28 H2Ogo Winter Snow Swirl Tube Sledding Fun 36" Diameter Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor ph-elim.net,Diameter,36",Swirl,Sledding,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,Snow,Winter,Fun,Tube,/happy-birthday-babe-read-cina-souls-sweet-birthday-message-she-penned-down-to-celebrate-kidi/,H2Ogo,$28 ph-elim.net,Diameter,36",Swirl,Sledding,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,Snow,Winter,Fun,Tube,/happy-birthday-babe-read-cina-souls-sweet-birthday-message-she-penned-down-to-celebrate-kidi/,H2Ogo,$28 $28 H2Ogo Winter Snow Swirl Tube Sledding Fun 36" Diameter Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor H2Ogo Winter Snow Swirl Tube Fun Diameter 36" Sledding Seasonal Wrap Introduction

H2Ogo Winter Snow Swirl Tube Fun National products Diameter 36

H2Ogo Winter Snow Swirl Tube Sledding Fun 36" Diameter


H2Ogo Winter Snow Swirl Tube Sledding Fun 36" Diameter

Product description

Go flying down the hill with flair! The Winter Swirl Snow Tube is the perfect way for kids to show off their personality in a super fun way. This snow tube is bright and vibrant, while still being safe and sturdy. This snow tube is made with Polar-Shield material, which is made to be weather resistant. This softer, more flexible material not only performs better on the snow, but it also won't freeze or crack in cold temperatures like typical PVC snow tubes. That means a smoother, safer ride every time. Plus, this tube has two handles, which are perfectly over-sized to fit gloves. You can't go wrong with the Winter Swirl Snow Tube! Polar-Shield weather resistant material keeps the tube from cracking or freezing in cold temperatures Oversized handles are perfect for gloves Large 3-way interlocking release valve makes inflation and deflation easy Perfect for kids, ages 6+ 36" diameter Weight capacity: 198 lbs Seats one

H2Ogo Winter Snow Swirl Tube Sledding Fun 36" Diameter

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