$74,Parts,O,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,SSH,High,Black/Ivory/White,Pickup,Guitar,/inductile1149609.html,Guitar,DIY,Kits,ph-elim.net $74,Parts,O,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,SSH,High,Black/Ivory/White,Pickup,Guitar,/inductile1149609.html,Guitar,DIY,Kits,ph-elim.net Inexpensive DIY Guitar Kits Parts Black Ivory SSH O High White Pickup $74 DIY Guitar Kits Parts Black/Ivory/White SSH Guitar Pickup High O Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Inexpensive DIY Guitar Kits Parts Black Ivory SSH O High White Pickup $74 DIY Guitar Kits Parts Black/Ivory/White SSH Guitar Pickup High O Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories

Inexpensive DIY Al sold out. Guitar Kits Parts Black Ivory SSH O High White Pickup

DIY Guitar Kits Parts Black/Ivory/White SSH Guitar Pickup High O


DIY Guitar Kits Parts Black/Ivory/White SSH Guitar Pickup High O

Product description


Type: Pickup
Magnet: Alnico 5
Style: SSH
Color: White/black/Ivory
Quantity: 1pack(3pcs,1pc Neck/ 1pc middle/ 1pc bridge)
Middle:staggered pole piece single coil pickups, Alnico 5 magnet rods
Bridge:Alnico 5 magnets bar
Color: Black/ White/ Ivory
Neck 5.6K 4.5H
Middle 5.6K 4.5H
Bridge 8.4K 9.6H
All pickups are wax potted, middle bridge is reversed wound.
Include screws and springs
The H and K values for reference only,they may different when test by instruments,
we do not accept dispute or refund due to difference of them.

DIY Guitar Kits Parts Black/Ivory/White SSH Guitar Pickup High O

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