Size,,Furniture,East,Full,,West,Beige,/inductile1516209.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,FN08F-1HAE0,,Mist,$240 East West Furniture FN08F-1HAE0 Full Excellence Mist Beige Size $240 East West Furniture FN08F-1HAE0, Full Size, Mist Beige Home Kitchen Furniture Size,,Furniture,East,Full,,West,Beige,/inductile1516209.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,FN08F-1HAE0,,Mist,$240 East West Furniture FN08F-1HAE0 Full Excellence Mist Beige Size $240 East West Furniture FN08F-1HAE0, Full Size, Mist Beige Home Kitchen Furniture

East West Furniture Popular FN08F-1HAE0 Full Excellence Mist Beige Size

East West Furniture FN08F-1HAE0, Full Size, Mist Beige


East West Furniture FN08F-1HAE0, Full Size, Mist Beige

Product description


This upholstered bedroom furniture set is wonderful to provide a gorgeous appeal to any bedroom. It is time to provide your master bedroom with a major style update with this upholstered full size bed frame. We are providing 2 piece full bed set for bedroom that contains 1 full size bed frame with a headboard and 1 modern nightstand. This Mist Beige linen fabric Fannin full bed elevates the appeal of any bedroom to a luxurious level. Our unique creation full size bed set will surely feel comfortable when sitting on this platform bed and its plywood slats are great to offer ample support as well as the sturdy equidistant slats enhance durability and extend the life. Everything required for assembly is efficiently packed, no additional tools are needed for this bedroom set, and all you need to do is to install the modern bed together with your family or friends very quickly and enjoy the happiness of creativity.


  • Material: Engineer Wood
  • Wood Bed Frame Fabric Color: Mist Beige
  • Platform Bed Frame Legs Color: Black
  • Mid Century Modern Nightstand Color: White
  • Dimensions of Modern Bed: Length: 84; Width: 59; Height: 41.30.
  • Mid Century Nightstand dimensions are: Length: 19.7; Width: 15.7; Height: 23.6.

Package Includes 1 Full Bed Frame and 1 Wood Nightstand.

Note: Fannin Full Bed Frame, Headboard, Footboard, and Wooden slats are offered. The mattress will not be included in this Full Bedroom Set.

East West Furniture FN08F-1HAE0, Full Size, Mist Beige

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