ibasenice Mopping Machine Robot Very popular! Vacuum Multifunction 2- In in- 1 In,$33,ibasenice,Vacuum,Mopping,1,2-,in-,/matrimoniously1101573.html,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,Multifunction,ph-elim.net,Robot,Machine In,$33,ibasenice,Vacuum,Mopping,1,2-,in-,/matrimoniously1101573.html,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,Multifunction,ph-elim.net,Robot,Machine ibasenice Mopping Machine Robot Very popular! Vacuum Multifunction 2- In in- 1 $33 ibasenice Mopping Machine Robot Vacuum 2- in- 1 Multifunction In Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care $33 ibasenice Mopping Machine Robot Vacuum 2- in- 1 Multifunction In Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care

ibasenice Mopping Directly managed store Machine Robot Very popular Vacuum Multifunction 2- In in- 1

ibasenice Mopping Machine Robot Vacuum 2- in- 1 Multifunction In


ibasenice Mopping Machine Robot Vacuum 2- in- 1 Multifunction In

Product description


- Color: Random
- Material: Plastic, electronic components
- Size: About 25. 00X25. 00X6. 50cm/ 9. 82X9. 82X2. 55inch
- Battery: 1500mAh
- Voltage: 3. 7V
- Power: 5. 4W
- Working time: 90min
- Working noise: 60db
- The multifunctional sweeper has the functions of mop, nano spray and purple thread disinfection.
- The robot mopping machine is suitable for all kinds of floors, such as wood, marble and ceramic tiles.
- Intelligent mopping machine can help us effectively clean hair, floating ash, lint, dust, etc.
- The intelligent sweeping robot is easy to operate, which is convenient for you to clean easily.
- The mopping machine is equipped with a large- capacity battery to ensure endurance.
- The robot cleaning tool is made of high- quality materials to ensure durability and practicality.

Package Including

1 x sweeping robot

ibasenice Mopping Machine Robot Vacuum 2- in- 1 Multifunction In

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