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Womenfocus Rectangle Tablecloth for sold out Kitchen Thanksgiving Great interest Dinning

Womenfocus Rectangle Tablecloth for Kitchen Dinning Thanksgiving


Womenfocus Rectangle Tablecloth for Kitchen Dinning Thanksgiving

Product description


- Durable
This soft and durable tablecloth is made of premium cotton linen fabric. Elegant Look, Made to Last!
Construction that looks both elegant and enhances its durability. A perfect choice.
Protecting table from daily scratches and stains, wear and tears, perfect for everyday use, formal and casual dinner.

- Exquisite Workmanship
Adopting advanced exquisite stitching, the tablecloth is carefully crafted to ensure elegant looking and no loose threads.

- About waterproof
This table cloth is a waterproof one. You can clean it by easily wiping. If it got too many stains on cloth, it’s better to use it after rinsing stains then drying.

- Toss or Reuse. You get to choose.
Why rent at your next event? You can toss or reuse with nothing to lose. Our tablecloths launder easily but are economical enough to toss without guilt.

- Kitchen Room
A perfect table cloth will add color to your kitchen.

- Dining Room
This tablecloths will make your appetite double, it is the best choice for the dining room.

- Living Room
I think your friend will come back to your house again because of this tablecloth

- Versatile Uses
It is perfect for all kinds of different occasions including dinners, catering, weddings, party, BBQ, brunches, fiesta and other indoor and outdoor activities.
A cotton linen tablecloth is a warm and welcoming touch that instantly adds style to any table setting.

- Easy Care
When the tablecloth needs to be washed, you can throw them in the washing machine, and they’ll come out looking good as new.
No loose threads, stubborn stains, or shrinkage. Wash with cold water on gentle cycle and do not bleach. Tumble dry (Low).

- Note
Due to differences in computer monitors, the actual products colors can slightly differ from the ones on screens.

Womenfocus Rectangle Tablecloth for Kitchen Dinning Thanksgiving

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