$32 Horizen Juicy Chemistry Organic Rosehip Oil, Cold Pressed Skin C Beauty Personal Care Skin Care Horizen Juicy Chemistry Organic 2021 autumn and winter new Rosehip C Oil Skin Pressed Cold $32 Horizen Juicy Chemistry Organic Rosehip Oil, Cold Pressed Skin C Beauty Personal Care Skin Care Horizen Juicy Chemistry Organic 2021 autumn and winter new Rosehip C Oil Skin Pressed Cold /matrimoniously1150073.html,Skin,Cold,Rosehip,Organic,Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care,Horizen,Oil,,Juicy,Chemistry,ph-elim.net,Pressed,C,$32 /matrimoniously1150073.html,Skin,Cold,Rosehip,Organic,Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care,Horizen,Oil,,Juicy,Chemistry,ph-elim.net,Pressed,C,$32

Horizen Juicy Chemistry Organic Max 81% OFF 2021 autumn and winter new Rosehip C Oil Skin Pressed Cold

Horizen Juicy Chemistry Organic Rosehip Oil, Cold Pressed Skin C


Horizen Juicy Chemistry Organic Rosehip Oil, Cold Pressed Skin C

Product description

Add our Rosehip oil to your daily skincare or haircare routine to achieve soft skin and healthy hair. Why should you choose Juicy Chemistry’s Rosehip Oil? Juicy Chemistry aims to provide effective skincare and beauty products made with pure and nutrient-rich ingredients. We produce organic products that do not contain any synthetic additives or preservatives. Our Rosehip oil is made by natural cold pressed rosehip seeds with no processing — ensuring that the oil retains all the potent nutrients. Our Ecocert certified organic Rosehip seed oil is therefore 100% pure, natural, raw, and unrefined. How can you benefit from our Rosehip oil? From face to body to hair- our rosehip oil could be the saviour for everything you need. Suitable for all skin types, our organic rosehip oil carries healing and anti-ageing properties that restores younger looking skin. Replete with potent acids and antioxidants, the oil accelerates skin regeneration minimizing the appearance of age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. Rich in astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, the oil is highly beneficial in healing marks and wounds and promotes skin elasticity and firmness.Being easily absorbable, it also effectively soothes dry and rough skin, and hyperpigmentation.Vitamin C in the oil also helps in fading spots, acne marks and tanning giving you a radiant complexion with a natural glow. As a light weight carrier oil, Rosehip is highly beneficial for hair care. It’s rich vitamins and proteins hydrate dry scalp and dull hair restoring luscious, healthy and voluminous tresses. How to Use: For Skin: Take a few drops from the bottle and gently massage all over your face and body For Hair: 1. Warm the oil and massage into the scalp 2. Leave it on for an hour or overnight 3. Wash and rinse with shampoo Keep in mind: Rosehip seed oil has a comedogenic value of 1 so depending on your skin type, it may cause moderate to low clogging of pores.

Horizen Juicy Chemistry Organic Rosehip Oil, Cold Pressed Skin C

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